Indoguna Dubai LLC was established in the United Arab Emirates in 2005 as a distributor importing the highest-quality chilled products from all over the world, with affiliated companies in Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore.

Since then, we have expanded our product offerings to include other premium food products like meat, poultry, seafood, fine food, cheeses, charcuterie and an assortment of Asian ethnic food products.



Indoguna Congratulates Singapore Chefs Association on their 31st Anniversary!

Pursuing only the best - whether it's meats, seafoods or boutique wines, we have everything you could wish for. But that's not all we can do. As a fully operational butchery, we offer value-added services such as meat and seafood value adding and portion control. It doesn't stop there though.

Understanding that passion for food means you only want the finest.



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The difference is all in the taste - you'll know the minute you take a bite of the premium sausages, patties and deli selection from Carne Meats. Each one is a handcrafted work of art that has been painstakingly prepared from the freshest ingredients, chosen by our Master Butcher-Bursting with flavour, made from the highest quality and 100 percent natural. There's nothing that we take more pride in than bringing you the best.


Take a deep breath and you can probably still smell the salty scent of the ocean lingering on the seafood from Ocean Gems. Taking only from the best around the world, every single piece is chosen, cleaned, processed and packed within a few hours of emerging from the ocean, so that its natural taste and freshness is sealed. Forget preservatives or chemicals - everything from Ocean Gems is premium quality with the freshest flavours.


Our Masterpiece range of dim sum and ready to use products boast high quality creations of an artisan's passion. Combining the best ingredients in well tested formulas of exact proportions with quality-controlled production processes, the result is a range that brings inspirations to titillate and satisfy each taste and palate. Whether it is a dumpling, a pau or spring roll, we take pride to craft and deliver an unparalleled range of ...


Sourcing from around the globe for the best the world has to offer is a passion that comes with our business. We are dedicated to provide only the best the world has to offer. Our never ending pursuit to quality produce is our dedication to our customers that we continuously provide surprise ingredients, hard to find produce and produce from well renowned farmers, fishermen, artisan producers.


Our network of offices enables us to have a large representation on fast-moving markets and to serve quality ingredients in Dubai.

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